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The Riverfront Loop

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About the Riverfront Loop

Antique Touring Company's Riverfront Loop is a three-hour hop-on-hop-off tour of in a 1929 Ford Model A station wagon.  The tour drives mostly along Atwater street between the Renaissance Center and Mt. Elliot Park. You get to choose where you would like to hop off to enjoy the the sites of the Riverfront, then hop back on again anywhere along the loop to travel to another Riverfront destination. 

Riverfront Loop Highlights

Some of the highlights along the Riverfront include the Detroit Riverwalk and Riverwalk Park, the Cullen Carousel, Milliken State Park, Diamond Jack (boat) Tours, the Outdoor Adventure Center, Aretha Franklin Amphitheater, Valade Park, the historic Lighthouse Depot, Mount Elliot Park and the Gilbert Family Splash-Pad.  There are also a number of restaurants, shops and picnic areas along the way. 

Multi-modal Transportation

For people who prefer a multi-modal touring experience, our route overlaps with the downtown People Mover at the Renaissance Center.  We also intersect with the Q Line upon request and there are three MoGo Bikeshare stands along the Loop. 

Our Woody Wagon, Josephine

The  primary vehicle for the Riverfront Loop is our 1929 Woody Station Wagon, Josephine. She's a  four-door open car (no side glass). We acquired Josie in 2021, she is a local gal who made her way to our team from Allen Park Michigan.

Seating Capacity

Though Josie can seat a total of seven individuals including the driver, model A's have fairly narrow seating capacity compared to modern cars.  In our experience, most people are more comfortable on tour with two rather than three across the back seat.   Our online platform is set up to book parties of up to five individuals on the Riverfront Loop. If you would like to book a party of six for the Loop, please give Lisa a call at  313-333-5833.


All of our Model A's have running boards for stepping up into the vehicles.  Also, to get into the back seat may require finess in getting over the rear fender.  This can be challenging for people with mobility issues.  

Child Seats

We are unable to accommodate child seats, so as per Michigan law, we cannot accommodate children under the age of 8 years old. 

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